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Lower Columbia Hot Tub Rentals, LLC

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your service area?

We are located in the Rainier area of Columbia county, Oregon. We hope to provide hot tubs to customers in this and surrounding areas.

What brand of hot tub do you offer and how big are they?

We offer Softub portable hot tub spas. We currently offer a 140 gallon model which accommodates  2 people, a 220 gallon model which can handle up to 4, and a 300 gallon tub which will allow up to 6 people to enjoy themselves in comfort. These are not inflatable tubs. You will love the look and feel of these tubs and the comfort they provide.

Do I need to do any work before delivery and setup?

No, simply find a flat surface for us to install the tub on and make sure that cold water and a standard 110v electrical outlet are available. We will do the rest, including filling the tub and treating it with the chemicals  needed to make your water sparkling and safe for the length of your rental. If this is a longer rental we will provide you with the chemicals needed and instruct you in their use.

Does the tub heat up quickly?

It will take at least a day for the tub to reach a comfortable temperature for you. That is why we will deliver and set up your tub at least one day before your rental period begins. Some of our customers shorten the heating time by filling the tub with a hose connected to hot water. Then you’d be ready to go almost immediately.

Do you clean your tubs between rentals?

Yes, after receiving a tub from the customer we will run a sanitizing compound through it. After we flush it completely we will drain the system and flush it with fresh water. Then we drain the tub yet again and completely hand wash the tub with disinfectant soap and rinse thoroughly.